via Daily Prompt: Confused


It feels like being a bit of surprised and uncomfortable. Maybe, sometimes it’s just too much at once. And this is confusion, too much or not enough information received by our sensors. Over or under-stimulation in one word.

For me it is a growing anxiety, occupying all the thoughts, distracting from regular tasks, life, work and emotional stability.

It might be confusing when something happens suddenly and your senses are not able to process all the information at once, to give you the proper evaluation of the event. And we always want to understand fully, looking for logic and explanation. Don’t we?

The more we care about something, the more we are engaged and occupied, looking for solution of the situation we do not understand. We want to be secure, significant, important and to have the proof that we are respected.

But whatever happens, and does not matter how strong is the confusion, we need to remember who we are and what we represent. If our feeling of importance is coming from inside then even the most sudden and unexpected situation will not destroy our balance, because we stand strong, with our self-confidence and self-belief.

And this will give us the will and the power to take right decisions, irrespectively from all the confusion and chaos surrounding us. Leaving behind all what makes us feel uncomfortable, confused and make us free.

Our dignity will lead us.